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Seven C Music and Coffee – Beats, Beans and Brew

Whether you may realize it or not, St. Pete is home to an incredibly large number of local and talented musicians. On any given day, you can find at least a dozen places showcasing the local talent. This includes places near Beach Drive and along the 200 block of Central Ave as well as others scattered throughout the downtown area. But one you might not have stumbled upon exists in the Warehouse Arts District’s ArtXchange. Tucked within the artisan complex is a place called Seven C Music and Coffee. And if you’re looking for some of the best local music talent in the area, it’s a must stop.

Despite being a great place for local music talent, Seven C is better known as “THE PLACE” for guitarists. In addition to boasting more than 100 guitars from the best companies in the world, Seven C also has nationally-renowned luthier services. Don’t know what a luthier is? Neither did I! But a luthier is a craftsman skilled at repairing any type of stringed instrument. And as luck would have it, Seven C has some of the best in the business. That includes David Hosler, a master luthier with over 30 years’ experience, who just happens to be the father of Seven C owner and fellow luthier, Joel Hosler.

The current location of Seven C Music and Coffee is located at 535 22nd St South in downtown St. Petersburg. The current location was the vision of Joel Hosler and his wife Tiffany who dreamed of combining their skills and knowledge of stringed instruments with live music performances and a coffee/wine bar. Previously, Seven C focused solely on their luthier services when they occupied a space on Haines Road. But in 2021, they made the move to the Warehouse Arts District, and I for one am glad they did. Not only can you buy or service nearly any stringed instrument at Seven C. But you can also enjoy locally-roasted coffee beverages, a craft beer, or a glass of delicious wine.

While my visits have mostly been on second Saturdays of the month for St Pete Art Walk, Seven C offers live music many days throughout the month. Some experiences are free while others cost a nominal fee for admission. But in every case, you’ll enjoy some of the best musicians in the area along with a truly awesome vibe. Be sure to visit their website for upcoming events and shows. And definitely stop by to stop by their place and have a refreshment. It’s definitely worth checking out.

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