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About Our Passion at St. Pete Biking Tours

At St. Pete Biking Tours, we want everyone on our tours to gain a better appreciation for our city and what it has to offer. Bicycling offers a great opportunity to explore St. Petersburg and to learn about its heritage, art, and offerings in a social yet intimate setting. In addition, we are passionate about the tours we offer because they align with 4 important areas that we value greatly. These include community, diversity and inclusion, holistic health, and the environment. 

Without question, St. Pete is a unique and extraordinary community. Those who live here appreciate the strong sense of togetherness that the city invites, and this extends to anyone who visits as well. By exploring the area and getting to meet local St. Petersburgers, you'll come to realize this. For locals, our tours allow opportunities to know your city better. And for visitors, our tours will likely make you want to return to our awesome community very soon. 

Diversity and Inclusion

Like most communities, St. Pete enjoys great diversity in many areas. This not only includes ethnic and cultural diversity but also differences in terms of age, sexual orientation, and levels of physical abilities. What makes St. Petersburg amazing is its openness to inclusion regardless of individual differences. It's precisely this characteristic that drives the community's creativity and innovation. Through our biking tours, we hope to share this wonderful aspect of St. Petersburg with you while striving to accommodate individual needs as best as possible. 

Holistic Health

Holistic health not only involves the pursuit of physical well-being but also that related to emotional, spiritual and social health as well. When we enjoy wellness in all of these areas, we thrive. With this in mind, we believe we can contribute to these holistic health pursuits through our biking tours. Naturally, bicycling involves physical activity, but our tours also provide opportunities to connect with others, relieve stress, appreciate life's beauty, and enjoy the outdoors. 

The Environment

As stewards of our environment, it's important we adopt a lifestyle that respects and protects its wellbeing. Carbon emissions pose major threats to our climate, and fossil fuels remain the largest contributor of these greenhouse gas emissions. Understanding this, bicycling in general offers a means of transportation that's not only promotes our own health but protects the environment as well. Through our biking tours, we therefore hope to encourage bicycling as part of daily routine, and in the process, make the world a healthier place. 

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