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Downtown St Pete Area
Bike Trails

St Petersburg as well as the entire Pinellas County is a great place to explore by bicycle. The following offers some biking trails you might want to consider. The first two maps highlight the most commonly traveled paths while the third map offers some considerations for the more adventurous. 

DTSP Bike Trail Map 2.jpg


DTSP Bike Trail Map 1.jpg

Pinellas Bike Trail - This trail is a dedicated bike lane trail that extends 38+ miles from downtown St Pete all the way to Tarpon Springs. It also parallels Central Avenue (one block south) until 16th street. It's one of St Pete's gems!

North Bay Bike Trail - This bike trail lets you bicycle along Tampa Bay all the way from the Dali Museum to nearly the Gandy Bridge. It is highly popular and allows connections to St Pete Pier and Snell Isle (roughly 8 miles in length)

Snell Isle - Though not an official bike trail, Snell Isle boasts some of the city's most exquisite homes and neighborhoods. To get there, exit the North Bay Trail at Coffee Pot Bridge going East. 


For those wanting to explore some unique destinations toward the southern portion of the Pinellas peninsula. there are some additional bike trails to consider:

Gulfport Bike Trail - The Gulfport Trail heads south off the Pinellas Trail just before mile marker 5. From there, it is a short ride through quaint neighborhoods to the cute little town of Gulfport, which overlooks the beautiful Boca Ciega Bay (less than 2 miles from the Pinellas Trail to downtown Gulfport)

Treasure Island Beach - Though not part of the Pinellas Country Trail System, it's a beautiful bike ride to Treasure Island. Simply head out the Pinellas Trail, and after riding over a long overpass bike bridge after mile marker 6, exit the trail and take Central Avenue west directly to Treasure Island. Some of the routes involve bike lanes while others are brief excursions into small neighborhoods. But it is quite scenic and worth the ride (roughly 2 miles once exiting the Pinellas Trail)

Skyway Bike Trail - The Skyway Trail turns off the Pinellas Trail around mile marker 4 and heads south. It's a bit of a zig-zaggy route, so it's best to travel during daylight hours. It allows cyclists to connect to the Bayway Trail (roughly 4 miles from the Pinellas Trail to the Bayway Trail)

Bayway Trail - From the Bayway Trail, you can access Ft. De Soto Park (an exquisitely beautiful beach area) or you can travel all the way to St Petersburg Beach and see the Don Cesar, known as the "Pink Palace" (roughly 4 miles from Skyway Trail to St Petersburg Beach)

DTSP Bike Trail Map 3.jpg
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