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March Is Florida Bicycle Month! – Get Out and Ride!

March is a great month in Florida. The weather is ideal, rain is rarely in the forecast, and there’s plenty of sunshine. It’s one reason Florida has been a long-time hotspot for Spring Breakers. But March is also a great time for biking too. This is why the Florida Department of Transportation named March Florida Bicycle Month. In fact, the governor himself signed a statewide proclamation saying it’s so!

For some time, Florida has been heavily invested in encouraging safe and more frequent biking activities. Last year, Florida was ranked first in both its funding and in its efforts to improve bicycle transportation infrastructures. And though ranked only the 10th most bike-friendly state overall, it has steadily moved up the list over time. By recognizing March as Florida Bicycle Month, the state hopes to further raise awareness and education about the benefits of riding bikes.

One of the great ways to enjoy Florida Bicycle Month is by signing up for a biking tour. St Pete Biking Tours offer a variety of different excursions that include mural, history, brewery, and even food & wine tours. Not only are bicycles and helmets provided, but guests receive a souvenir water bottle as well as an expert guide for the tour. Visitors and locals alike can pick from the 7 different tour times offered each week. These biking tours are a great way to see St. Pete!

Whether you choose to ride your own bike or take a biking tour, exploring Florida on two wheels is a fun and healthy activity. It’s important to be safe and to know tips for successful biking. But with this in mind, biking lets you explore areas you might not otherwise see while getting some great exercise. So, what are you waiting for? Hop on a bike and participate in this year’s Florida Bicycle Month. You’ll be glad you did!


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