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Exploring St. Pete by Bike – Biking to Gulfport

With all the beautiful bike trails in St. Pete, there’re plenty of day trips to consider by bicycle. One can take a trip over to the beach, explore the southside, or simply go for a long ride out the Pinellas Bike Trail. But one of the most common day rides that tourists and locals often choose takes you to the awesome little town of Gulfport, overlooking beautiful Boca Ciega Bay. From the heart of downtown, it’s less than 7 miles to Gulfport, and the ride is super easy and safe. Once you arrive, several hidden gems await ranging from shops, restaurants and one of the best breweries in the area. If you’re looking to explore St, Pete by bike, Gulfport is a destination not to be missed.

Bike Map from St. Pete to Gulfport
Bike Map from St. Pete to Gulfport

Biking to Gulfport from Downtown St. Pete

Getting to Gulfport is quite easy and also a pleasant, peaceful bike ride. From the waterfront area of downtown St. Pete, one simply takes the Pinellas Bike Trail going west. Along the trail there are painted mile markers on the trail that can be used as a guide. These white numbers tell you how many miles you are from Tampa Bay and downtown. These can be used to help you know where to turn left off the Pinellas Bike Trail toward Gulfport.

There are two ways one can arrive in Gulfport by bicycle that’s predominantly all bike trails. The simplest way involves taking the Pinellas Bike Trail and turning left just before mile marker 5. There is a large sign on the left that reads, “Gulfport,” which is where you turn. (If you are on the Pinellas Bike Trail and see two large cemeteries on either side, you just missed the turn!) Once taking that left turn, you will go about 1.5 miles due south through residential streets to arrive in Gulfport.

The other bike trail that can take you into Gulfport is the Skyway Bike Trail. This trail is a left turn off the Pinellas Bike Trail around mile marker 4. Unlike the other Gulfport bike trail, this one has more twists and turns as you travel through South St. Pete neighborhoods. Eventually, however, you will cross over 22nd Avenue South (a busy street) and reach a concrete bike trail that courses along a golf course. From there, be sure to take the first right turn you can off that trail, which will direct you west toward Gulfport. The trail portion will turn into 26th Avenue South, and you will keep traveling this street until reaching Beach Boulevard. From there, turn left and you’re there.

Many bike riders choose to take one way from downtown St. Pete to Gulfport and then take the other way back. Because of the many turns on the Skyway Bike Trail, it’s better to take this route during the daytime. But both trails are safe, peaceful and easy to travel.

A Few Recommended Stops in Gulfport

Once in Gulfport, there’s plenty of places to explore. Beach Boulevard is lined with shops and restaurants, and it dead ends into Shore Boulevard at the Gulfport Casino, a historic building now used for events and dance lessons. In terms of restaurants, a few of the locals’ favorites include Pia’s Trattoria and O’Maddy’s. Pia’s is an exceptional Italian restaurant while O’Maddy’s has some of the best comfort food around. Other cool destinations include Gulfport Brewery and Eatery, winner of several recent medals for best beers. Also, there is Stella’s known for its breakfast and brunch. For those with vegan preferences, Golden Dinosaurs is a great choice. And for coffee lovers, Sumitra’s Espresso Lounge boasts great coffee drinks in a eclectic atmosphere.

O'Maddy's Restaurant  and bicycle
O'Maddy's Restaurant

In addition to several culinary options, Gulfport has beautiful views of Boca Ciega Bay. Walk out onto Williams Pier for a better view of the bay or go lay out on the sandy beach. For athletic types, Gulfport has excellent sand volleyball courts adjacent to the bay. And of course, there are several local shops offering jewelry, clothing, and gifts. You can definitely spend a few hours exploring Gulfport before heading back to St. Pete by bicycle.

Renting a Bike for Your Trip

St. Pete Bike Rentals
St. Pete Bike Rentals

If you’re visiting or simply don’t have a dependable bicycle for a bike ride to Gulfport, no worries! We at St. Pete Bike Rentals have a fleet of bikes for rent including 7-gear city bikes perfect for riding to Gulfport. Choose to rent one for $20 for 4 hours or $25 for a full day of bicycle riding from 9-5. All bikes come with helmet and lock, and we are located right on the Pinellas Bike Trail in downtown St. Pete making it a great place to start and finish your journey. We even have kid’s bikes and carriers. Whether you rent or take your own bicycle, Gulfport is a fantastic place for a day-ride destination by bike. That’s why it’s a common outing for locals and tourists alike.

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