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Looking for Some Summer Fun with the Kids? – Try a Biking Tour!

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

Family and child biking tour in St Pete

Now that school’s out for the summer, one the biggest challenges for parents is keeping kids entertained. Comments like, “Mom, I’m bored!” or “Dad, what can I do now?” are all too familiar. So, it’s worth being a little proactive and trying to come up with some fun and engaging activities ahead of time. Summer camps are great as are swim leagues, pool memberships, and family vacations. But one fun activity that some parents may not think about is a biking tour. Not only can biking be a fun and healthy activity for kids. But it also offers many other benefits for kids. The following are just a few of the most common advantages a biking tour for kids provide.

  • A Chance to Get Outdoors – Biking tours for kids can vary in terrain and length of time. But one thing they all have in common is a chance for kids to enjoy the outdoors. Smelling the fresh air and exploring different areas by bicycle is not only fun. But it also gets kids away from their devices and video games for some outdoor activity variety. Plus, for those who live in colder climates, summer is a great time to escape the indoors while pleasant temperatures are around.

Child on a biking tour
  • A Time for Family Bonding – When kids are out of school, there’s naturally more time to enjoy a bit of family time. However, sometimes it can be difficult creating the right atmosphere where a good time is had by all. This isn’t necessarily the case with biking tours because of the adventure they provide. Have you ever seen someone miserable on a biking tour? It’s rare. Therefore, if you’re looking for an activity to create some special family memories, biking tours for kids is a great idea.

  • An Outing with Their Friends – Another important benefit that biking tours for kids offers involves their social health. Being out of school for the summer, they may not have as many opportunities to meet up with friends. One of the ways to overcome this is to arrange some fun activities for everyone to experience. Biking tours for kids is one such activity that lets them reconnect with classmates in between school sessions.

Family on St Pete Biking Tour
  • An Opportunity to Learn – Bike tours for kids a great deal of fun for a number of reasons. But at the same time, biking tours provide a chance to learn something new and exciting. For example, at St Pete Biking Tours, we offer mural, history, and city biking tours for kids as well as adults. Each tour is educational and interesting, teaching guest unique facts about the area. Depending on a kid’s particular interests, any of these could be both engaging and fun.

  • An Appreciation for the Environment – In addition to allowing kids to explore outdoors, biking tours also help them appreciate nature and the environment. Biking is a healthy activity as well as a way to get around without a car. The inherent advantages this provides the environment is obvious, but this may not become apparent until one is actually biking around a city. For this reason, biking tours for kids can be a great way to “show” rather than “tell” them about environmental conservation.

Guided biking tour for kids
  • A Healthy Physical Activity – In addition to all the other advantages that biking tours for kids offers, it naturally provides a chance to get in some exercise. Biking is for everyone, and most biking tours aren’t typically very strenuous. This means kids of all skill levels and athletic abilities can participate and enjoy themselves. Of course, it’s always good to check with your tour guide about the length of the tour and the terrain. But in most cases, biking tours are designed with everyone in mind so as many people as possible can be involved.

As you can see, there are a number of benefits that summer biking tours for kids offer. However, if a biking tour isn’t your thing, renting bikes on vacation provides a number of these advantages as well. In addition to biking tours, we at St. Pete Bike Rentals also offer half-day, full-day, and long-term bike rentals for both adults and kids. Whether you prefer renting or going on a guided biking tour, both are wonderful activities for kids while school’s out for summer. It’s a summer memory that’s likely to last a lifetime.


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