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A Not-So-Well Kept Secret – Renzo’s St. Pete Is a Must-Dine!

Renzo's St Petersburg

St. Petersburg is known for its vast number of excellent dining destinations. From Beach Drive all the way up Central Avenue, a countless number of exceptional restaurants are available for one’s indulgence. But there’s one that’s slightly off the beaten path in the downtown area that’s increasingly getting foodies’ attention…Renzo’s of St. Pete. Whether it’s the Argentinian style cuisine or the vast wine selection, Renzo’s has fast become a must for food and wine lovers.

Located at the corner of 1st Ave South and 2nd Street South, Renzo’s might escape notice for those walking the pier or strolling Beach Drive. But should one walk past, Renzo’s warm and inviting atmosphere can be readily seen from afar. Guests have their choice to dine outside, inside the extensive dining room, or while seated at the bar mingling with other foodies. The latter is considered by many to be the best seat in the house.

In essence, Renzo’s is a Uruguayan/Argentinian steakhouse, but in reality, it offers much more. In addition to steaks and dishes traditionally from Uruguay, Argentina and Brazil, Renzo’s also has a bit of a Central American flare. Likewise, Renzo’s of St. Pete’s owner/manager, Claudio Menzerotolo, is always sure to put his own unique creative spin on many dishes. This creates an experience that’s not only true to this specific style of cuisine but unique as well.

For anyone visiting Renzo’s, it’s clear within minutes of arrival that Claudio is passionate about both food and wine. He as well as his brother, Renzo, are from Venezuela and grew up in a family with a rich culinary history. Claudio’s father is originally from Uruguay while his mother is from Venezuela. Claudio expertly takes the best of both cultures and creates something quite wonderful to behold. It’s his passion that has attracted so many to this incredible St. Pete gem.

Renzo's St Pete logo

In years past, getting a table or a seat at the bar was a bit easier. But the word is out, and on any given weekend, the place is filled with customers wanting to enjoy the Renzo’s experience. At St Pete Biking Tours, we are fortunate to have this wonderful destination as part of our Food and Wine Tour. It’s definitely a place that’s now considered part of the heart and soul of the St. Pete foodie community.

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