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Meet St. Pete Biking Tours' Owner



Jennifer Duchnick, Ph.D.

Owner and founder, Jennifer Duchnick, has been passionate about living life to the fullest and helping others to do so, as well. After attaining her doctorate in clinical psychology, she went on to specialize in both neuropsychology and rehabilitation psychology. Since then, she has used her knowledge and skills to help hundreds of military veterans return to a meaningful life after brain and spinal cord injuries. With over 20 years of experience in her field, she appreciates just how important holistic health is for a person. It was this understanding that prompted her to start St. Pete Biking Tours. 

In addition to her beliefs concerning holistic wellness, Jennifer has a developed a love for St. Petersburg and its community. Having lived in the area for more than two decades, she has seen tremendous change and growth. She actively supports the arts community as well as the city's culinary experiences. She is a Level I sommelier, a longstanding homebrewer, and a lover of all types of cuisine. It's therefore not surprising that our biking tours strive to share these aspects of St. Petersburg with others. 

Jennifer's vision for St. Pete Biking Tours is to provide an inclusive opportunity for all to enjoy the wonderful experiences the city has to offer. As an avid enthusiast of fitness and wellness, she recognizes the importance of being physically active. She also believes that participating in social activities similarly promotes better emotional health. And she appreciates the additional benefits that beauty and heathy environments offer. Through our bicycle tours, Jennifer wishes to enhance others' wellbeing in a fun and entertaining way, and in the process, make their lives that much better. 

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